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A vampire fighting a zombie

The vampire burns from the sun, and the zombie is set alight.

Vampire Hunters attacking the player

Vampire Hunters were Pillagers, but have turned from raiding villages to defending them from the threat of vampires. They use crossbows from afar, and to finish you off they switch to a wooden sword enchanted with Smite - a weapon deadly for vampires.

In-game documentation

The mod contains in-game documentation in the form of a Patchouli book. Craft it with a book + an awkward potion.

Crafting the Book of Blood

A book + an awkward potion

A Ritual Altar

Ritual Altars allow you to upgrade your abilities by doing rituals.

The Rituals

All the rituals included by default.

Ritual Table Recipe

- gold - lapis blackstone lapis blackstone blackstone blackstone