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This mod adds a few simple Terraria-like guns, several ammo types to go with them, and a few enchantments. It is meant as a simple vanilla+ish mod and a foundation for other (upcoming) mods to use its systems, and not as a big, fully fledged content mod. It also does not add roses of any kind.

Guns fire instantly with a short cooldown, and their projectiles are fast and not affected by gravity. However, they deal much less damage than bows, unless you invest in more expensive guns and ammo.

The mod currently adds the following:

5 guns

  • Iron Gun, basic gun for early game usage
  • Gold Gun, less durable but more easily enchantable
  • Diamond Shotgun, fires a spread of bullet for short range burst damage
  • Diamond Sniper, fires accurate, high damage bullets
  • Diamond Gatling, fires a stream of bullets for continuous damage

4 bullets

  • Flint Bullets, low damage early game bullets
  • Iron Bullets, higher damage for a higher cost
  • Blaze Bullets, even higher damage and sets your enemies ablaze
  • Maws of Gluttony, a special item that uses your hunger for infinite bullets
  • Cherrounds (if Hanami is installed, 1.16.1 only), low damage petal bullets with high knockback

4 enchantments

  • Impact, increases damage
  • Bullseye, increases accuracy
  • Sleight of Hand, increases rate of fire
  • Preserving, gives a chance to not consume ammo

While more content is planned, most of it will be added by other (upcoming) mods as part of their content. Roses of any kind are not planned to be added.

Video spotlights

By Mischief of Mice:

By Bloodyneck (1:55-3:02), older version but still presents it nicely:


Developer info

There might be heavy breaking internal changes that may happen in the future, as a few planned (internal) features are still not present. Make any addon/compat at your own risk.