This adds compatibility between Guns Without Roses and an assortment of random mods. There are still no roses however.

Content is only loaded if the corresponding mod is present.

The Undergarden: 2 bullets

  • Utherium Bullet: extra damage to Rotspawn, just like Utherium equipment.
  • Froststeel Bullet: slows on hit, just like Froststeel equipment.

The Bumblezone: 1 bullet

  • Honey Crystal Bullet: inflicts Wrath of the Hive that angers nearby Bees at the target.

Botania: 3 guns 2 bullets

  • Manasteel Gun: to the Iron Gun what the Manasteel tools are to Iron tools.
  • Elementium Gun: a high chance to not consume ammo.
  • Terra Blaster: high damage shotgun that also fires a mana burst for extra damage.
  • Manasteel Bullet: a bit more damage than an Iron Bullet.
  • Elementium Bullet: benefits from equipment that buffs pixies (Elementium Sword and a full Elementium Armor).

Cloud Storage: 1 bullet

  • Balloon Bullet: ties a balloon on hit, just like a Balloon Arrow.

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