Guns and Gear Mod
What is this mod?
This mod adds guns, explosives, gear and more to your Minecraft experience!
What does it add?
The guns it adds are:
Rifle, Scoped Rifle, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle, Flintlock Shotgun, Shotgun, Flintlock Pistol, Pistol, Minigun, Combat Pistol, Suppressed Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Combat Assault Rifle, Scoped Combat Assault Rifle, Suppressed Combat Assault Rifle, Supprsssed Scoped Combat Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper Rifle, Tommy Gun.
The explosives it adds are:
Titanium Bomb, Sticky Bomb (WIP), Sand Land Mine, Red Sand Land Mine, Grenade, and Flashbang Grenade.

Vehicles it adds are:

Tank, Military Tank, Car.
And the other things the mod adds are:
Ammo such as: Large Bullet, Medium Bullet, Large Bullet, Shell, Rocket.
Gun Frames such as: Titanium Gun Frame, Iron Gun Frame, Golden Gun Frame, Wooden Gun Frame
Blocks such as: Titanium Block, Titanium Plate, Titanium Door, Titanium Trapdoor, Titanium Ore, Wooden Crate, Energy Generator.
Items such as: Energy Cell, Arc Reactor, Titanium Ingot, Titanium Dust, Rubber Bucket, Wrench, Tank Remote, Suppressor and Scope.
Armour such as: Jetpack and Combat Helmet
And finally, weapons such as: Cutlass, Katana and Knife.


If you would like to talk about anything related to the mod, or would like to talk to me, please join my discord server!