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Gulliver Reborn adds some of the features from the old Gulliver Mod back into 1.12.2.



  • /mysize (/ms) command to change the player's size
  • /basesize (/bs) command to change another player's size
  • Climbing blocks while holding a slimeball if small
  • Gliding while holding paper while small
  • Picking up tinier players and putting them on your head
  • Mounting taller players with string
  • Lit furnaces, fire, and lava make you rise when gliding over them with paper
  • Giants have more health + damage
  • Giants mine faster
  • Giants jump higher
  • Small players get crushed by larger entities
  • Other than spiders and ocelots, mobs don't see small players



  • ArtemisLib (version 1.0.6 or later)
  • Minecraft Forge (version or later)
  • Minecraft (version 1.12.2)