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Filename Guidebook-1.12.2-2.5.0.jar
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Uploaded Jun 4, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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Highly experimental! Straight out of the oven!


New features:

  • Automatic pagination: You can use <section> instead of <page> and the book will automatically paginate the contents of the section.
    • For backward compatibility, <page> elements will continue to exist and will remain unpaginated.
  • Conditions: You can declare conditions, and use them on chapters, sections/pages, and even paragraphs!
    • If the condition is false, the element will not show at all.
    • Supported conditions:
      • Basic operators:
        • <true />: Always passes
        • <false />: Never passes
        • <mod-loaded modid="x" />: Passes if the mod is present and enabled.
        • <item-exists registry-name="domain:location" />: Passes if an item with that name has been registered.
      • Composite operators:
        • <and> and <all>: Passes if all the child conditions pass.
        • <or> and <any>: Passes if even just one of the child conditions pass.
        • <not>: Inverts the child condition. If more than one child is present it acts like a NAND (false if all are true).
      • Game Stages support:
        • <stage-locked stage="name" />: Passes if the player has not reached the given stage.
        • <stage-unlocked stage="name" />: Passes if the player has reached the given stage.

See this link for an example of most features, including the new pagination and conditions stuff.