Guide-API Village and Pillage



This is a fork of the original mod Guide-API by TehNut and Tombenpotter released under the MIT license.
It uses a different package and a different modid (guideapi-vp).

Allows easy creation of a guide book for your mod.
Books are mostly maintained by Guide-API (it registers them, it puts them in it's own creative tab, etc).

The guide book is created mostly in code whereas e.g. Patchouli is mostly JSON based. This means:
- Add or change content based on the configuration of your mod.
- Wrap lines and pages based automatically, so localized strings don't overflow
- Refer to the set keybindings
- Refer to internal constants, balancing values etc so they are automatically changed in the book if you change them in the mod
- Add custom page types, recipe types, etc.
- Use helper methods to generate parts of the book automatically

What else?
- No hard dependency, if Guide-API is not present at runtime the book won't be there, but everything else works
- Use TextFormatting and manual \n
- Several ready-to-use page types like text, item/block focused text, recipe, and image pages

Mods using this:

  • Vampirism

How to use for your own mod:



Original Mod: TehNut and Tombenpotter
Fork: Maxanier


MIT license, so if necessary you can create a fork.
Also feel free to include it in your modpack.