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Adds summonable mobs to guard your base! These tamable animals force nearby hostile mobs to despawn.





Mod Highlights:

  • 14 types of tamable animals, with more than 70 varieties in total, all fully animated with multiple skins and sound effects
  • 18 new blocks
  • 15 crafting recipes
  • Adjustable area of affect
  • Summoned animals will remain near their summoning location, or can be tamed to follow you around


Important: This mod requires Geckolib for Fabric

Supported Mod Loaders: Fabric


Mod Features:


Anchor Stones: These blocks are used to summon different kinds of guardians and serve as their home base. Summoned animals will wander nearby once summoned, and will teleport back to their anchor stone if they roam too far from it. Anchor stones also control the how far the guardian’s protective range extends. Use blaze bells on anchor stones to increase the despawn range, or right-click them with an empty hand to decrease the range and remove bells. There are four varieties: stone, sandstone, granite, and diorite.




Bowls of Food: Bowls of food are used to summon guardians by placing them on top of anchor stones. There are 12 different kinds of food bowls, each used to summon a different type of guardian.




Blaze Bell: Blaze bells are used to adjust the range of the hostile mob despawn effect, or can be used to tame guardians. Bells can be removed from an anchor stone by clicking the stone with an empty hand, or removed from a tamed pet by using shears on it. Note: tamed guardians have a smaller area of affect than those bound to an anchor stone.



Guardian Pets:


Foxes: Summon a fox using a bowl of berries.




Dragons: Summon a dragon using a bowl of gold.




Deer: Summon a deer using a bowl of hay.




Roosters: Summon a rooster using a bowl of seed.




Tortoises: Summon a tortoise using a bowl of watermelon.




Wolves: Summon a wolf using a bowl of bones.




Toads: Summon a toad using a bowl of toadstools.




Bears: Summon a bear using a bowl of apples.



Ravens: Summon a raven using a bowl of wheat.




Rabbits: Summon a rabbit using a bowl of carrots.




Boars: Summon a boar using a bowl of potatoes.




Doves: Summon a dove using a bowl of mixed seeds.




Liondogs: Summon a liondog using a bowl of emeralds.



Acknowledgements and special thanks

Many thanks to the project's patrons: Zura, Lavie, Kree, Atlan, Le flémmard, Eugene Nubberslaw, Azilea_Royalty, and Nil!

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