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Provides a bunch of fun potion effects & commands!


All potion effects can be configured!

From Carrier Bees:

The following potion effects are duplicated from Carrier Bees: gsu:crumble, gsu:drumble, gsu:explosive, gsu:fumble, gsu:generic, gsu:jumble, gsu:stumble, gsu:thimble and gsu:tumble. Check out Carrier Bees for more information on what these potion effects do.


The following potion effects were previously included in Time To Die but have been improved and adjusted.

  • gsu:immortal - For the duration of the effect, the creature is effectively immortal.
  • gsu:dying - Once the effect ends, the creature is killed.
  • gsu:immortal_dying - A combination of immortal and dying.

These potion effects are new to Generic Stream Utilities:

  • gsu:knockback - Applies a modifier (configurable, addition, default 5) to an entity's knockback.
  • gsu:knockup - Applies a modifier (configurable, addition, default 2.5) to an entity's knockback, and converts knockbacks from attacks into a vertical knock-up.


  • If enabled, /potion_id <potion> will tell you the numeric ID of a potion for that specific world. This is useful when crafting ActiveEffects instances in entity NBT. Please note that these values are unique only to a specific world and depend on mod loading order & potion registration.
  • If enabled, the following time commands are available (and each command uses a configurable day length):
    • /midnight - sets the time to the next midnight (midnight value configurable)
    • /night - sets the time to the next night (value configurable)
    • /dawn - sets the time to the next sunrise (value configurable)
    • /midday - sets the time to the next midday (value configurable)
    • /morning - sets the time to the next morning (value configurable)
    • /sunset - sets the time to the next sunset (value configurable)

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