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Filename growthcraft-1.12.2-
Uploaded by Alatyami
Uploaded Aug 7, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.17 MB
Downloads 2,454
MD5 8e655a5e2256ad7b5afed0907af0b62a
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Java 8


This release is mainly focused on bug fixes and preparing for the regular release 4.1.


Release Contributors

  • Alatyami
  • Avatair
  • Kisutora

Snapshot History

20190807 - growthcraft-1.12.2-
20190710 - growthcraft-1.12.2-
20190524 - growthcraft-1.12.2-



  • #37 Added Growthcraft Rice configurations.
  • #209 Added TheOneProbe progress meter to Cheese Vat
  • Added stackable cheese wheels! Cheese wheels now act like slabs.
  • Added Grape and Hops seeds to Vine loot tables with configurable drop chance.
  • Added Waila support for Apples on apple trees.
  • Added Waila support for Fermentation Barrel, you'll now see contents and progress.
  • Added recipe for converting Bucket of Honey to 4 Bottles of honey.
  • Added remaining colors of BeesWax, we now have all sixteen.
  • Added the block definition for the new Wine Rack (functionality will be later).

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved #230 Grape vines now follow the rope.
  • Resolved #215 Added missing lang entries for Growthcraft Milk
  • Resolved #207 Fixed recipe conflict between Casu Marxu and Gorgonzola cheese.
  • Resolved #158 Fixed recipe for Ricotta Bowl
  • Resolved #139 Fixed Honey Buncket and Bottle conversions.
  • Resolved #117 Grape Vine will now stay when lower block is dirt or grass.
  • Resolved #81 Cheese press and cheeses now have textures in TheOneProbe.
  • Resolved #8 Butter churn not has the correct particles.
  • Resolved //" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">" data-error-text="Failed to load issue title" data-id="457035637" data-permission-text="Issue title is private" data-hovercard-type="issue" data-hovercard-url="/GrowthcraftCE/Growthcraft-1.12/issues/194/hovercard" aria-label="#194, [1.12.2] Missing Cheese Textures">#194 Missing cheese textures ... are no longer missing.
  • Resolved #201 Bamboo recipes are now implemented and leaves decay as expected.
  • Resolved #166 RiceCrop now checks for the block type before checking if it is radioactive.
  • Resolved lever issue with FruitPress. You can now attach levers to the top of the press again.
  • Resolved more cheese model and texture issues.


  • Implemented #116 by re-balancing bone meal randomness
  • We now build against JEI