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Note: This description is for the 1.20.1+ versions only.

What is GriefLogger

Grieflogger is a blazing fast mod that logs player interactions like breaking and placing blocks, killing entities, dropping, picking up, breaking, consuming items, and much more!

To store all of this data, GriefLogger uses a SQLite database by default. This database is stored within the config file. You can also connect GriefLogger to a MySQL databasevia the config to make it run even faster.

All of the transactions between the mod and the database are asynchronous/multithreaded. This means that the server doesn't have to wait for the transaction to be done before continuing to run other code.


Command Explanation
/grieflogger inspect Enables or disables the inspection mode.
/grieflogger lookup <filters> Shows all data available based on filters.
/grieflogger page <page number> Shows a certain page number. Can also be achieved by clicking on the arrows in the chat message.


Filter Example Explanation
Action action:place_block,break_block Only shows places and broken blocks.
Exclude exclude:sand Exludes the sand block from the search results.
Include include:sand,dirt Only shows dirt and sand interactions.
Radius radius:100 Shows all interactions in a radius of 100 blocks from the player.
Time time:1d Shows all interactions in the last day.
User user:Player1 Shows all interactions made by Player1

Note: Include and exclude filters cannot be used together.


Lookup command

Use the lookup command to view interfactions based on filters. Lookup command

Inspecting Block

Right click on a block to view the interactions of the adjacent block.
Left click on a block to view the interactions of the clicked block. Inspecting Block

Inspecing Container

Right click on a container (Any block that holds items. e.g. Chest or Furnace) to view the interactions with the container (e.g. adding and removing items).
Left click on a container to view when the container was broken or placed. Inspecing Container


I want to extend my thanks to CoreProtect for being a major source of inspiration in the creation of GriefLogger. Their project greatly influenced the development of this mod, and I appreciate the valuable insights it provided.