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GregTechCEu Modern

GregTech based on Architectury performing on Forge and Fabric simultaneously. GregTechCEu Modern is a mod based on GTCEu which aims to provide the ultimate GT experience in modern versions.

Different from 1.12

  • More consistent with higher versions of minecraft, e.g. raw ores, datapack for recipes and ore/fluid veins
  • Better performance makes later stages of GregTech smoother
  • New textures, UI, built-in CTM
  • No need to install dependencies
  • More customization capabilities, custom UIs, custom machines, multiblocks, etc.

A (very, VERY) brief list of some new features (from GTCEu):

  • Greatly improved performance and optimization from GTCE. Most users should enjoy improved RAM usage, FPS and TPS
  • Fixed many GTCE bugs (invisible blocks, infinite amps) Improved player experience and QoL. Example: Different stone types of ores don't clog player inventories
  • Completely reworked and improved fluid pipes and energy cables
  • New item pipe system with huge throughputs and configurable logistics
  • World generation improvements. Better performance, rebalanced ores. New virtual fluid veins for harvesting
  • New content integrated from Shadows of Greg, Gregicality, GT5 Unofficial, TecTech, Nomifactory, GT New Horizons, GT IMPACT and more
  • Fancy rendering effects including emissive textures and bloom
  • Content added at every single tier of the game. No stone left unturned, this is a completely different GregTech experience from GTCE
And many, many, many more things...

Dev Q&A

  • Todo-List for potential contributors who are interested in this project
  • Wiki illustrates common questions and answers related to development
  • Discord The project is also under continuous development with a new version 1.20.1 coming soon. We are looking for developers to join us