Great food

2,047 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

Mod adds a lot of new food such as chocolate ball or mint gum. Also almost food has effects, but all items has their own HD+ texture.
Some food grows all other the world such as walnut or chilli. To get it you need cut down the bush. The walnut needs peeling to eat it, you need to put it in the middle of the craft desk or in the right down corner when you craft by hands.


I apologize, but I can't post the crafting recipes, since I deleted this mod when cleaning my computer. Probably you will be able to see them when will be the update of the NEI mod to 1.8.9 version.
You can also download my other mod called "Tablets" if you want.



I hope you will enjoy my mod!


Good luck to everyone!



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