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Graphing Calculator 3D


This mod provides numerous blocks which allow for the graphing of 3D functions. The graphs are highly customizable by the player, and with the correct settings can look very fine indeed.

Graphs can be saved in-game for later viewing through the use of Graphing Calculator Memory Card items.

Graphs can be scaled, translated, rotated, colored, and textured. You can alter their domain, range, resolution, discontinuity threshold, and texture size, among other things.

Information about everything can be found within the calculator GUI, by hovering your mouse over the far right of a text field.

Functions are inputted via an easy-to-use set of GUI blocks, as shown in the images tab.

You can also color the graph by the magnitude of its slope at a given point, or toggle collisions so that entities can interact with them.

Graphs can be toggled with a redstone signal, allowing for disappearing floors and other cool building accessories.

Rendering performance is comparable in efficiency to that of Minecraft's standard terrain.


Here is a list of all the coordinate systems currently supported. With each of them, save for Cartesian*, you can view any variable as a function of the other two.
*Spoiler, it looks the same.


- Cartesian
- Spherical
- Cylindrical
- Conical
- Toroidal
- Bipolar Cylindrical
- Parabolic Cylindrical
- Parabolic
- 6-Sphere
- Oblate Spheroidal
- Prolate Spheroidal
- Elliptic Cylindrical


Examples of some neat graphs can be found in the website's images tab.

If you want to chat about the mod, or ask questions, you can join the Graphing Calculator SD Discord.

This mod is now open-source. You can view the code and contribute on the GitHub page.

This mod now also supports interaction via CC:Tweaked, as an optional dependency (1.9+). Graph blocks are peripherals which can be fully controlled by CC computers.


An overall tutorial/showcase video:


Using the block GUI:


CC:Tweaked intercompatibility features: