Want the partner who is new in the world of the Minecraft?

This mod add golem and his pet as your partner.

Version 1.12.2 of 1.2 is a beta version. It will stop updating Minecraft-1.12.2 from now on, as my PC problems do not allow me to develop it any further.






Fixed a problem with the liquid refilling of Prismarine llamas.
A few other changes.

If you lose sight of your golem(Brick), you can call it back with your pumpkin rod.



With the introduction of "Patchouli",  an in-game guide book will be added.



To people playing with Mods

I enjoyed it in play, them with much Mods.
Therefore I wanted to make Mods to please somebody like those Mods and have begun to make this Mod.

You are free to use this mod for mod packs, video postings, video distribution, etc.


Special Thanks
to Yusuke Matsumoto for creating One of the methods.


I make this Mod while therefore studying Java.
Because I make trial and error, I cannot make it smoothly, but make an effort so that this Mod becomes better


I want you to enjoy this Mod by all means



 Additional mobs (hereafter referred to as magic creatures) lie down when they are killed, but do not disappear.
Since it is not a living creature, the potion effect does not work.

Magic creatures will be your companion if you pass the poppy flower.

With the exception of some, the associated magic creatures can switch between following and waiting by right-clicking (not empty hand).

Right-clicking with an empty hand can draw them closer to you.

Only the horse golem will switch between following and waiting by right-clicking with the wand (to be fixed).

Horse Golem can be mounted on a First Golem by sneaking and right-clicking.

As you continue to gaze at your fellow magic creature while sneaking, it begins to move towards you.

Some magical creatures have their own equipment.



  • First Golem
  • Wolf Golem
  • Horse Golem


These golems will reach you when you start a new world.

First Golem is unique in many ways and will be your best friend or family.

It learns and grows from everything.

It can be equipped with weapons and shields, and using it improves skills.

Attack motion, speed, and attack power vary depending on the shape of the weapon.

Since the motion of the attack and the hit judgment are synchronized, there is a case that the misses (only this golem).

It can pick up (hand over) objects that seem painful when thrown, and throw them, depending on the situation.

Wolf Golems can sometimes find lightweight items.

Horse Golem can mount a First Golem (even if defeated).




Iron Golem : Unoccupied house in Plains or Savanna

Prismarine Golem : Lifeguard chair on the beach

Wood Golem : Tree house in forest area

Stone Golem : Mountain fort

Andesite Golem : Mountain fort

Sandstone Golem : Desert

Clay Golem  Purchase from villager

Stone Supply Cube : Mountain fort 

Prismarine Llama Golem : Lifeguard chair on the beach

Birch Wood Cow Golem : Tree house in forest area

Hand : Use pumpkin soul in dead bush flowerpot

Pacpac : Paper and pumpkin soul to the Hand

Paper Parrot Golem : Give the Hand a piece of paper and then give it the pumpkin soul and wings

Iron Golem

This golem protects a house on the plains.

This is good at defending and can be further enhanced.

It can equip the Guardian's eyes, thereby gaining the ability to attract enemies.

Attack mob that harms you.

Prismarine Golem

This golem overlooks the beach.

It can carry a defeated fellow golem.

Touching this will extinguish the flaming thing.

Wood Golem

The golem is answering at a tree house in the forest.

This golem can harvest crops.

This produces a life essence when the crop is harvested and if it is carrying a Bucket.

Life Essence can be used to restore the health of golems.

This golem can be equipped with a guardian, which can use life essence to restore the health of fellow golems.


Andesite Golem & Stone Golem

The golem is the captain of the Stone Golem platoon and has been abandoned in a mountainous fort.

The Stone Golem platoon will follow the Captain's command and follow the Captain.

The Stone Golem platoon consists of one captain, two Stone Golems, and one cube.

They actively attack hostile mobs(Beware of creepers).

They have morale and become stronger as morale rises.


Stone Supply Cube

This cute cube walks the tail of the Stone Golem platoon.

This is a supply member of the Stone Golem Platoon, which can carry liquids to restore their health.

They supply during non-combat.

It stops moving during combat.

Liquid refill tips are at the fort.


Sandstone Golem

The golem had been on a scouting mission in the desert, but was forgotten because he was good at hiding.

This golem is good at fighting so that he or she is not the target of an attack.

It has the ability to search around.


Clay Golem

You can get this golem by dealing with villagers.

It can pick up items that have fallen, but they do not hold them securely and may be sucked in.

This will drop the item in your hand into the hopper or "Hand" position.
Also, if you stick the Lagu runes, it will drop on the water.



This is born by injecting a soul into something withered in a flowerpot.

It can pick up and throw items.

It throws items at a specific block, but with wisdom you can increase the type of that block.

This ability can be used to automate tasks on behalf of the player.

This is as dexterous as your hand.



This very cute magical creature can only be created with dexterous hands and souls.

It can carry items that are falling around.

This is not good at water.

This is friendly, but does not follow.


Prismarine Llama Golem

This golem is beside a chair on the beach.

Since it has the power of Prismarine, it has liquid related abilities.

This requires equipping two things to carry in and store the liquid.

If this can store liquid, you can use a glass bottle for the filter.

This golem is good friends with Wood Golems and Cubes.

Since this is made of Prismarine, it is also compatible with the Guardian's eyes.