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⚠️ Goblin Traders for Minecraft 1.20.1 and above now requires Framework Icon Framework

📖 About

Goblin Traders is a simple mod that adds goblins which have unique trades. Similar to Wandering Traders, goblins are found randomly underground in caves or in the nether and provide exclusive and beneficial trades that allow you to take your adventure to the next level! Goblin Traders adds two new traders, the Golbin Trader which is found in the overworld and the Vein Goblin Trader which is found in The Nether; both with their own unique set of trades. These little goblins have a little attitude and don't like it when you hit them. If you're feeling generous you can feed them their favourite food for a fun animation.

📦 Modpack Developers

Goblin Traders has included support to change trades through a datapack. If you would like to learn more, you can check out the detailed guide on how to change trades. The guide also includes an example datapack for you to download.

🎨 Screenshots

🙋 Need Support or Want to Follow Mod Development

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