Powerful armor, tools, weapons, rings, medallions, staffs, and enchantments.

The Gobber mod is designed to make playing Minecraft more fulfilling by providing enhanced armor, tools, and weapons. Additionally, the mod provides special items (rings, staffs, and medallions) that provide a variety of quality of life enhancements and convenience perks. 

"Some may consider the items overpowered, but that is a matter of choice, in my opinion." - said nobody ever!

Highly customizable, many of the strong features can be adjusted to suit your playing needs.


- (3) new ores in Overworld, Nether, and The End with Deepslate version in Overworld

- Gobber Lucky block in world generation that has an array of useful drops
- (3) sets of weapons and tools that are far superior to diamond level 

- (3) sets of paxels, hammers, excavators, tree axes, and custom bows
- (4) armors that provide special perks like auto feeding/saturation, water breathin, fire protection, no fall damage, and much more.  End Armor has a built-in glider feature similar to Elytra.  Perks disabled by default in config.
- (3) levels of special rings providing an array of perks (e.g. item magnet, mass mining, a plant/tree growth ring, item repair ring, high leaping, floating, night vision, negative effect protection, enderchest access, Enderman blinking ability, being stealth to mobs, and a ring that lets you set a location to teleport to).

- (3) levels of coal that give 12,000, 24,000, and 32,000 burn time
- Lots to explore and discover 

Other mods that add functionality to Gobber

- More Gobber tools, Harvest Scythes.

- Gobber Adze, More Than a Pickaxe.

- Gobber shields, Basic Shields.

- Gobber seeds/crops, Mystical Crops

- Fancy swords made from Gobber Materials with Simply Swords

- Tougher armor recipes, Expert Armor.

- Tougher tool & weapon recipes, Expert Weapons.

- Machines to make ingots, Allegory & Alloy Forgery - requires datapacks in Discord.Note

- Get your Gobber resources from a Sieve with SimpleTech for Fabric

Notable changes in 1.18+

- Deepslate Gobber Ore that spawns below y=0

- Deepslate and Nether versions of Lucky Blocks

- New Medallion of Shielding which provides protect against several types of projectiles

- New Medallion of Suffering which inflicts pain and suffering to nearby mods

- New Ring of Strength which provides extra Strength and  Damage Resistance 

- New Ring of Luck which  provide a bit  more Luck

- New Apotropaic Enchantment that provides protection against many types of magic damage

- New FluidMaster Enchantment, when applied to the Staff of Clearing, will clear fluids within range

- New Quiet Feet Enchantment that makes the player virtually undetectable by Sculk Sensor

- All Gobber Armors provide protection from freezing

- Improved fire/lava/heat protection on Nether, End, and Dragon armors

- Even more config options to tailor the mod to your playing style and needs


 Notable changes in 1.19.1+

- New Gobber Arrows with various special effects described in their tools tips and tweakable in config

- Overworld Gobber Ore now requires a Netherite pickaxe to mine

- Ring of Unseen causes player to additionally not be rendered in game, invisible to other players (still shows as logged in player though)



- Gobber Ore requires Netherite Pickaxe
- Nether Gobber Ore requires Gobber Pickaxe
- End Gobber Ore requires Nether Gobber Pickaxe

Want a greater challenge, try adding Alloy Forgery + custom datapack

Track Your Progress With Advancements:


Four (4) new Armors to Build:

- Gobber Armor provides health perks and underwater breathing

- Nether Gobber Armor provides health perks and fire protection

- End Armor provides the benefits of the previous plus a built-in glider function

- Dragon Armor has all the benefits of End Armor PLUS creative flight and negative potion protection

- All armors have the benefit of stealth with respect to those pesky Phantoms overhead


Includes: Bows, TreeAxes, Hammers, Excavators, and Paxels

If you encounter any errors while using the mod, please open an issue using the link above.

Modpack makers are free to use this mod in modpack.