Glod Mod

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

This mod is nothing fancy its my first mod ever so go easy on me its very very early alpha so loads of bugs like the Glod armor name is pretty broken


The Glod mod adds Glod ( Gem or Ingot ) Tools Armor a Glod Gun as well as Bullets there is 2 Foods in this mod a Cooked Egg ( Gotten from cooking an Egg ) and a Glod Apple that gives effects ( Regeneration Resistance and Speed )  this mod also adds a mob very derpy mod by the name of Glod Chicken this mob does nothing and drops nothing like I said first mod so it was just for testing I will be making a video showing all Recipes and everything the mod has to offer very soon this mod really doesn't do anything crazy the armor is pretty OP if you wanted to use that as just a pretty broken armor for your mod pack or something as of now I don't think I will be doing to many updates to the mod but I do know for a fact what my next mod will be and am going to start working on it asap 


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