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Glass Hurts You Now - GHYN

The way glass should be!

What does this Mod do?

Read the title. You're welcome.


For real now! What does this Mod do?!

Ok, if you want the long answer, I'll give it to you:

GHYN currently does 3 main things:

  • Left-clicking glass deals, with a small chance (5%), a little bit of damage to the player
  • Completely breaking glass will always deal a bit more of damage to the player
  • Additionally there's a 44% and 33% chance to get a "Blood Loss" effect upon getting cut by glass

The Blood Loss effect deals a little bit of damage over a longer period of time (10-20 secs) once every 3.5 to 7.5 secs.

Depending on the type of cut, either just a "left-click"-cut or "completely breaking glass"-cut, you either get Blood Loss I or Blood Loss II.
Blood Loss I has a higher delay between every "blood loosing" (e.g. hurting the player), that way won't loose that many hearts. Additionally, Blood Loss I can't kill you (same like poison effect: doesn't drop you below 1 heart), but Blood Loss II can, so beware!

The best thing btw is that this mod should in theory work on every piece of glass in Minecraft. Normal, stained, panes, glass blocks from other mods (those would have to implement OreDict, otherwise it won't work), you name it


Future Plans / TO-DO

  • Config
  • Gloves, enchantments and bauble rings to protect against glass cuts
  • Visual: Blood dropping particles and blood patches on the ground