Giselbaer's Durability Viewer

712,352 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

charset You can use this mod with Minecraft 1.14 right now - use the Fabric modloader at !


Version 1.5 adds the option to show your armor items around the hotbar. Done for Rift (1.13.2), and Fabric (1.14). Will only backpart to Forge 1.12 if people tell me they want that.


This is another mod that shows your item durabilities as I couldn't find one that had everything I wanted.

Differences to other similar mods are:

- Show item durability numbers in color (green/white/yellow/red) depending on items state

- Items that are at almost 100% show damage, not durability. For example, your diamond pick that was used 5 times will show -5, not 1556. Great when you're using the mending enchantment to fix your stuff and don't know the exact number you want to reach

- Also show number of empty inventory slots; know at a glance if you can continue mining or should return to your chest

- Shows the amount of time for your buffs to run out so you don't have to press E to check whether that water breathing potion lasts for another minute (can be turned off in options)

- Play a warning sound when your item is about to break; stop losing your Efficiency V pick to not looking at the GUI. The warning will play when your item is at less than 10% AND less than 100 - since 1.4, these values can be configured.

- (Since 1.4) Set your window title to "<Username> on <Server>" so if you have more than one instance of MC open you can alt-tab to the one you're looking for easily. Can be turned off in options.

Durability Viewer was the first mod I ever made, and the fact that 61352151511 made the source code for his Durability Show ( available on GitHub helped a lot. Thank you very much!


To make sure the mod doesn't slow down your minecraft, it has been optimized using jprofiler (



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