Giacomo's Teleport

58,965 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 31, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds the new enchantment Teleport to the enchanting table.
Compasses or maps can be enchanted and when used will teleport the player to their target: for normal compass to the spawn point, for Giacomo's Compass to the bound place, for new maps to the place where map was opened, for old maps to the center of the map, for explorer maps to the decoration.

Compass will only work in surface world and maps will only work in their own dimension.
If you try to use an enchanted compass in the nether or in in the end or an enchanted map in a different dimension than the mapped dimension, a random position 100 blocks around the player will be choosen. Very dangerous!

Using the enchanted item has a cost in experience depending of the level of the enchantment and the distance.
The formula is: teleport_cost = base + distance/(factor*enchantment_level) where base and factor come from configuration file and default values are base=5 and factor=80. 

A teleport 2000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport I
A teleport 4000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport II
A teleport 6000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport III
A teleport 8000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport IV
A teleport 10000 blocks away costs 30 levels with Teleport V

If you don't have enough experience to reach the destination all your experience will be consumed and you will be teleported nearer.


Teleport is always dangerous! You may find yourself several blocks above the ground, or at sea, or even under the ground, so you have to take adequate precautions.


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