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This mod adds the seeds of the plant of Experience.

The seeds are very expensive: it takes eight gold ingots and a seed of wheat to get an Experience plant seed. On average, collecting a mature plant using a Fortune III enchanted item make you get a single seed. If you use a not enchanted tool or not the plant is mature the likelihood goes down dramatically.

To get the crop without damaging the plants you must use shears with right mouse button, as you do to shear a sheep.


But beware villagers: they will destroy your plants...


The harvest consists Experience Orbs!

The amount of experience given using shears on a full grow plant is in range from 3 to 19, 11 on average.


Since version 1.2 you cannot use bonemeal to force experience to mature.

Now you can use bonemeal on plants until they grow, but the experience will not ripen anymore. To gather experience you have to wait spontaneous maturation.


Since version 1.3 you can fill empty bottles on mature plants!
Using shears on a full grow plant gives exp in range from 3 to 19, 11 on average as usual, filled bottle instead will give exp in range from 3 to 13, 8 on average. But you can bring them with you and use when needed. A little less exp but much more versatility!