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Giacomo's Bookshelf


This mod adds a new block called Giacomo's Bookshelf, which functions as a container for books, maps, and paper, as well as a power source for the enchantment table (see images for more details).


When crafted, the bookshelf is empty, and once placed, you can store items in it. There are 11 versions of bookshelves available, each corresponding to a different type of wood used in crafting.


Giacomo's bookshelves can be easily broken by hand, but using an axe will break them faster. In either case, when broken, they will drop all the items stored inside.


If a bookshelf is harvested with an item enchanted with silk touch, it will drop itself as a regular bookshelf and retain its stored items, which can be retrieved when placed again.


When holding a bookshelf with items inside, the items will be listed as properties.


Bookshelves provide power to the enchantment table. However, if you store fewer than 3 books per bookshelf, the power is reduced, while storing more than 3 books increases the power.


To craft 15 normal bookshelves, you will need 45 books, and they collectively provide 30 levels of enchantment power. You can achieve this result with a single giacomos bookshelf storing 45 books in it.



Bookshelves in action!