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Generic Ecosphere

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📖 About :

Generic Ecosphere is a Forge mod that adds new biomes, which is greatly inspired by Biomes O' Plenty, Autumnity, Atmospheric, BYG, Traverse, and Treemendous. Generic Ecosphere adds tons of new trees, wood types included for building, and lots of new plants to find and decorate with!  

Plenty of new flowers are added into this mod, including the classic rose being re-introduced! These pretty vegetation can vary in location and in color, but they all are perfect for decorating your favorite garden. Along with this, there are tons of trees species, many of which have their own wood type, even with Quark wood blocks! Go on and explore, collect them all if you desire!





âž• Cross-Compatibility :

  • Basically most biome mods so as along as no custom world generation settings are involved...
  • Quark (1.16.5 Only)



🧰 Planned Features :

  • Dynamic Trees Integration
  • GitHub Source and Wiki coming soon...


Feel free to leave constructive criticisms and report bugs here! And yes, you may use this mod for your modpacks.


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