Female Gender & Age Mod

595,740 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 12, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

Profile Settings

Here you can change your profile settings. Your settings will be sent to and used when you connect to a server with that has the mod. The bottom row contains buttons to other screens. To open this screen, use the screen's keybind (letter "G" by default).

iPixeli's Gender Mod

Player ages, genders and zombie genders too

Client Profile List

Listing of profiles you set locally. You will see this screen when the priority mode is set to client or when the server does not have the mod installed. See client configuration screen.

Server Profile List

Listing of profiles received from the server your connected to. You will see this screen when you have the priority mode set to server. See client configuration screen.

Client Information

A debug screen that displays all of your client's operating conditions on one screen

Client Configuration

On this screen, you can change the mod's configuration settings of your client. Servers cannot change these for you. On the bottom right is a button to the Debug Information screen. It has information to refer to when something isn't working as expected.