Gender Mod

295,195 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 11, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


About - This mod has been around since April of 2011!

This mod has the option to change the player's gender or age. Each combination is complete with custom hurt sound effects. You might find a female zombie frolicking in the dark. Use this on your server to synchronize all the settings for each player across all connected clients!

Males: Just like normal Minecraft, but with the old hurt sounds!
Females: Are slightly smaller than males, have their own default texture and have their own hurt sound.
Children: Are smaller, have their own default texture based on gender and age, and have a higher sound pitch
Zombies: There are occasional female zombies that have the female model and their own texture

Gender uses core modding for enhanced compatibility by directly modifying the base code before Minecraft runs.


1) Install MinecraftForge
2) Put a the .jar file into the mods folder (see locations below).
3) If you have a .zip file, extract file into the mods folder

Minecraft Folder Locations:
• Windows: /AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
• Mac: Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft
• Linux: ~/.minecraft

How to use: Press G for the mod main menu
How to set Hotkey: While in game, press Esc, Click Options, Click Controls


• Can I put this mod in a ModPack?
Yes. Please see the README file included inside the download file.

• Can I host this on my download website?

• Can I use this mod in a video?
Yes. Please link back to this page:

• Will other users of the mod see the mod features even though the server does not have it installed?
In order to see the effects this mod adds, you only need the client installed. The server is simply to sync the genders across all clients that have the mod.

• Does this mod require special skins?
The skin you set on your Minecraft Profile is not removed by this mod. If a user has a skin, their skin will show. If a user does not have a skin, the default player textures will show based on that players gender and age settings.

• Where did you get the idea for this mod?
This is the original mod that adds females/genders children/age into Minecraft. Gender was originally created this mod because I was annoyed at being a male caveman back in April of 2011. You can find more information here.

• How can I contact you?
CurseForge or Discord

Help & Troubleshooting

• Gender isn't working
Please make sure the version of Gender you have installed supports the exact version of Minecraft you are using. If you are using Gender 1.0.3 or later, the mod will warn you that features may not work if you install it on an unsupported version when you open up the Gender menu.

• I dont' see the model/texture changes
Another mod you have installed may conflict with Gender's core modding. I consider this to be a very RARE occurance due to the way that gender uses core modding to inject it's hooks into Mojang code before Minecraft starts. If another mod is using core modding and has completely removed contents from a method before or after Gender's core modding takes place, it's likely that Gender isn't the only incompatibility that the other mod has. Core modding is supposed to be minimal and elegant. All modders should use it sparingly to avoid such issues.
Gender's core modding effects can also not appear if a mod such as RenderPlayerAPI/SmartMoving replace origional player objects (see explaination below).

•What is server override?
When the priority setting on the client is set to client, the client gets the final say in the player settings.
When the priority setting on the client is set to server, the server gets the final say in the player settings.
Server override is just a notice so you know that the server is controlling the final outcome players' settings.
You may see this flash for a quick moment when playing single player mode. This is okay. This happens because in single player, your client is technically the server. It just means that the settings on the server are different from the settings on the client - for one brief moment while they are synchronizing.

• Weirdness when using gender with RenderPlayerAPI/SmartMoving
Truth be told, MinecraftForge's core modding capability takes away the need to use RenderPlayerAPI. Core modding allows mod developers to add, remove and inject code before Minecraft starts. With core modding, any mod developer can make their mod work with every other mod so long as they are all careful about how they modify the Mojang code. Gender uses core modding to hook into different sections of Minecraft code, including player model and rendering.
In order for RenderPlayerAPI/SmartMoving to fix it's compatibility with Gender and many other mods, Divisor (the maintainer) needs to push all rotational changes to the origional player objects (model, render, entity, etc) instead of ignoring their existance.

• Helpful Info
If you are using Gender 1.0.3 or later, please press 'G' (default key) to open the Gender menu. Then click on the book icon on the bottom right of the screen. This will bring you to a screen that has information helpful for troubleshooting.
When sending me a message, you may also want to list the mods you have installed as one of them could be causing the problem.

• Contact iPixeli:
CurseForge or Discord

jjw123FTB (, the appointed person to continue this mod should I ever stop.
Proloe ( - for the female adult texture
WednesdayLaw ( - for the female sound file
thecheeseman ( - for the male sound file
The MCP team ( - for the Minecraft Coder Pack
The Minecraft Forge team ( - for Minecraft Forge