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Simple tools to speed up farming tilling and planting

Sample config



Irrigation Core 

This hydrates blocks around it just like a water source, except it works on farmland above and below as well


Just like Stardew Valley, till a whole row of farmland with one swipe


Trowel Planter

This will automatically find seeds in your inventory and plant them in front of you just like the cultivator


Concentrated bonemeal, this item grows most crops instantly, and has a high chance of insta growing saplings

Watering Can

Slowly grows nearby crops.  Does not need to be refilled

Livestock Feeder

This item tries to pickup any nearby item on the ground, and feed it to nearby livestock if its a valid food-breeding item

Livestock Rancher

Shears nearby sheep and milks nearby cows.  Requires buckets on the ground to milk cows

Standing Magnet

Pulls nearby items towards it.  If placed on a container (such as chest/hopper), it will filter to only pull in items matching things in that container


Mod support
Any seed marked with the tag "forge:seeds" is plantable