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More Planets


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About :
This add-on contains a new custom planets, blocks, machines, items, mobs and bosses into Galacticraft, Also still work in progress for more features. (Might take a lot of time because of college.)


Planets :
- Diona
* Rocky planet, captured by an Alien and Zelius.


- Chalos
* Cheese species planet, Lots of cheese creatures.


- Nibiru
* Abandoned planet, Planet are infected by spore.


Moons :
- Koentus
* Blue Crystal Moon, unstable gravity.


Bosses :
- Infected Crystallize Slime Boss (with Tentacle)
* Tentacle provide its shield and protect from any damage.




- Cheese Cube Eye Boss
* Flying cube boss, Attack by Cheese Spore with Cheese Slime (small chance).

- Vein Floater (Mini and Main boss)
* Vein Floater spawned by using Vein Frame in the Nibiru Stronghold, special behavior is control the Nibiru Weather when its low health.
* Mini Vein Floater can be found in the Nibiru Boss Dungeon, its drop Nibiru Dungeon Key part to unlock the Treasure Chest.


Mobs and Creatures :
- Zelius Mob (Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Cave Spider)
* Glowing in the dark and spread Infected Crystallized when attack.

- Cheese Floater
* Just like a Blaze but more Strength and Damage.

- Giant Worm
* An evolved earthworm.

- Alien Miner
* Can be spawn naturally in Diona, Attack by Laser Beam.

- Infected Mob (Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, Squid, Chicken, Snowman, Cow, Guardian)
* When die it will spawn Infected Worm or cause the player infected.

- Zergius
* Flying bug in Nibiru Stronghold.

- Terrastone Golem
* Friendly golem creatures in Green Vein.

- Terrasquid
* A glowing squid, slowly movement.


Machines :
- Dark Energy Receiver
* Used to make Dark Energy Core, powered machine but need safely to use!


- Space Warp Pad
* Can teleport to any Space Dimension and Overworld.


- Dark Energy Core
* Used to craft Alien Material and tools.


- Nuclear Waste Generator
* Overpowered generator, Produce by using Nuclear Waste and Tank.


- Tiered Energy Storage
* Powerful power storage.


- Dark Energy Generator
* Produce energy from Dark Energy or Pearl to refill fuel.


- Shield Generator
* Protect you from dangerous mob.


Spotlight Feature :
- Rewrite Cheese Planet!
- Rewrite Nibiru Planet and Biomes!
- Nibiru Stronghold with a custom things!
- Mysterious Beam at night time on Diona
- Advancements (WIP)
- Juicer Egg (An idea from new GC-4 Venus feature)
- Protection Capsule
- New tools and weapons (Bow, Fishing Rod, Arrow, Waste Rod Picker, Laser Gun)
- New fish variants for each planets (WIP)
- and more features will added in the future! Or you can suggest by comment at below!

Screenshots :


Download :
Note : GC-XX means Galacticraft build number is recommended to play this mod.


Galacticraft : 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2
GitHub :
Change Log : Use /mpchangelog in-game instead, all info have been included in the mod.
Wikipedia : Coming Soon!


Installation :
- Install Minecraft Forge
- 1.7.10 (Build 1291 or latest)
- 1.8.9 (Build 1722 or latest)
- 1.10.2 (Build 2185 or latest)
- 1.11.2 (Build 2388 or latest)
- 1.12.2 (Build 2705 or latest)
- Download GalacticraftCore, GalacticraftPlanets, MicdoodleCore (Followed by build number from More Planets file name.)
- Drop all files into your .minecraft/mods folder.
- And play!


Compatibility :
- Just Enough Item
- Connected Texture Mod
- Indicatia


Credits : Galacticraft for main Sources/API.



Feel free to suggest an idea by comment at below!


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