This mod add lots of powerful items for your destructive need.

Currently WIP

Weapons  -  Ammo  -  Features

Fusion Bolt Launcher - Fusion Bolt Energy Vial - Instant Destruction 

Creeper Launcher - Creeper Energy Vial- summon creeper if you miss target

Laser Blaster - Laser Plasma Vial- Constant Firing if you hold down right click 

Railgun - Magnetized Railgun Pellet Vial- Extreme Mob Damage

Hand Held TNT Cannon - Enriched TNT Vial- N/A

Time Rifle - Nether Star Energy Vial- Temporal Distortions (Adds 100 seconds to your current time)

Penguin Launcher - Energized Penguin Essence Vial- N/A

Atomic Disruptor -  Disruption Energy Vial- chance of gaining Corrupted Block

Warp Gun - Warp Energy Vial- Teleports Player To area of landing, High Knockback

Quark Cannon - Quark Matter Vial- When the projectile lands, a block of unstable quark is placed. It will explode in 4 seconds

Spatial Distorter -  Distortion Energy Vial - Explodes, then explodes again

Drill Cannon - Drilling Energy Vial - mines a 5x5x5 area and drops everything

Waveform Luncher - Waveform Energy Vial - Straight line, disappears on contact with water. bullet only visible 3/4th of the time

Plasma Sword - Unstable Plasma Vial - On right click, turns into a powerful version for 10 hits

Damage Bolt - Antimatter Vial - MASSIVE DAMAGE, NO BLOCK DAMAGE

Flamethrower - Liquified Fire Charge - Massive fire damage

Neutron Disruptor - Dense Neutrino Cluster Vial - Large Damage without cooldown

Fat Cat Launcher - Fat Cat Vial - Large Damage without cooldown

Singularity Shotgun - MicroSingularity Vial - Causes Hawking Radiation for your opponents

Acid Spray - Acid Vial - Dissolves Dirt and causes wither.

Ice Bolt - Duophasic Energy Vial - Explosive Ice blocks, can be disabled with redstone power



 Upcoming Features:

 - Invulnerability Field


 - SkyMetal Nuke

 - Guide Book

 - Abandoned UFO



    How to get the guns

    Find a Star Chunk. They are meteor like things. After Mining, there is a chest in the middle, grab whats inside too!


You will next want to make a Skymetal Synthesizer using the sky metal you got from the Star Chunk

 With this, you can Transform iron and gold into Skymetal.

1 Iron = 5/9 Skymetal

1 Gold = 1 Skymetal


With the Skymetal, You can now Create Energy Caps. Note: you may have to split your sky metal into nuggets.

You will also need an ammo machine


Using this, you can craft ammo using certain materials.

to create guns, copy the falling recipe and replace the ammo with which ever one its supposed to shoot.





List of Ammo Machine Recipes (replace the middle item)

Fusion Bolt Energy - Diamond Shard

Stored Electricity - Electric Powder

Disruption Energy - Disruption Goo

Warp Energy - Obsidian Ring

Quark Matter - Compressed Bedrock (bedrock can be mined with the drill atomic disruptor)

Distortion - Ender Crystal

Creeper Energy - Creeper in a Can

Laser Plasma - Laser Charge

Magnetized Railgun Pellet - Railgun Pellet

Energised Penguin Essence - Penguin Essence

Enriched TNT - TNT

Nether Star Energy - Nether Star Shard

Antimatter - Purpur Block

Unstable Plasma - Totem of Undying

lnterphasic Energy - Interphasic Portal

Waveform Energy - Blaze Rod

Dense Neutrino Cluster - Netherrack

Liquified Fire Charge - Fire Charge

Fat Cat Vial - Ocelot Essence (obtained from the ocelot)

Acid Vial - Acid (Put The Crafter Above Acid and have nothing in the main slot)

Micro Singularity - Compressed Bedrock 

Duophasic Energy Vial - Packed Ice


For additional crafting, use JEI/NEI (RIP TMI)