Now with glowing 3D Models


if you know java programming good and know modding then you can help porting, more infos at github and in our discord.

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Do you want to have an adventure, which brings you in the endless expanse of Space?

This Redsnake-Games Modification, giving you a futuristic environment, research and space travel. The mod brings you to far worlds and allows you to use your custom designed spaceship. You generate power from mysterious crystals and build your futuristic city, while you are able to research continuously new technologies.


The Mod contains also:

  • Ways for automation
  • Many decorations and materials
  • Dynamic upgrade system for all machines
  • Some uncommon tools
  • Complete Ingame description


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Notes for 1.9.4 and 1.10.2 Release

Now with English documentation up to Menelaus (flight with Spaceship), containing ~200 research entries!

The current Build  is survival-ready up to the flight to our first new Dimension with your custom build spaceship. Later researches are not fully implemented, but should come up in the next few weeks.

 Language support:

  • English (full) -- Thanks to bradtroop822
  • German (full)
  • Portuguese (full) -- Thanks to bradtroop822
  • French(full) -- Thanks to NeoFight92
  • Chinese (naming only) -- by Stefanocg

If you are good in another language or you aren't happy about some phrasing or spelling, we would be grateful for your help here:




How to get started:

Here a short tutorial how to get started with the mod, until you can access the ingame documentation.

Warning, this is a Spoiler! You should also be able to learn this by yourself, it’s not difficult.


[Thanks to Java Vampire]

At first you must find an "E-Scanner", which is placed in our dungeons. You can see them often if you explore the surface of the world, you will recognize a metal tube in the ground.

In one of the chests you should get the E-Scanner, so let's look at this piece of technology (use it with right click). In the shown GUI you can see some Information about the block you looked at and 4 buttons at the left side.

The upper one is to open the Tech-Tree, by click them you will get another GUI. In the Tech-Tree you can switch through different pages using the buttons at the left side. The main area can be scrolled (drag and drop) and is filled with Research entries.

In the upper tow pages are some entries that has color and name, click them to read their texts.


You should find there all further information, so here only short what is to do now:


You should run around with the E-Scanner and right click blocks and entities to get a match for every of the 12 Aspects.

Hint: The FuturePack generate bubbles filled up with crystals in the ground.


If you found them all you get new Research entries ... read them and have fun with further researching.


Cheating and Creative:

Skip the E-Scanner part (scanning your environment): /fp research @p unlock basics

Skip the whole research system (unlock all): /fp research @p unlock all

General command usage: /fp research <player> unlock <all:basics:Research> [path:single]

                *single mode is experimental


Build Spaceships

Ships you can use to travel between dimensions

Discover new Dimensions


The Planet Menelaus


The Planet Tyros

 New Machines

These machines utilize our own Neon-Energy. There are many ways how to generate them but you can also convert our energie into RF.

This machines need basic fuel (Coal,...) or Redstone for activation.



Reddit: /u/MCenderdragon/

Discord: https://discord.gg/UpdVfFk