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Filename Futurepack-1.12.2-26.3.309.jar
Uploaded by Mcenderdragon
Uploaded Aug 29, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 19.58 MB
Downloads 2,603
MD5 a044c5cc9a9e7dcb59a50882d9bdfeb8
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


crashfix: NoClassDefFound scala/.../Arrays (I could have sworn I allready fixed this!)


From 26.3.307:

+added config to disable chunkloading
+finished fluid system researches
+added composite armor + modules + researches
+added OptiAssembler
+added scanner transmission for dungeons
+added custom moon for menelaus
+added tick sound for timer
+implemented sound config and correct some sound timings
+implemented config to disable researching/ auto give from start
+added better support for other mod crafting tables

*huge dungeons now have their own dimension
*better way to display needed researches across pages
*quantanium can now be used in spaceships
*added profiler for block breaker
*optimized recipe managers
*guis now display the scrench (modifiable machines)
*fluid pump changes: pump now pump more fluid per tick, no energy is consumed if the tank is empty or full
*researcher gui has now more hover information.
*claime renderer uses now Tesselator instead of direct GL11
*Claimes now save the player who placed it and using player tickets to load the chunks
*reduced huge dungeon spawn rate
*increased mysterious documents mysteriousness.
*RFNE converter is now more interesting for creepers
*research pages have now different visibility levels

- fluid intake now acts only server side, closes #447
- bugfix: pushed dooped items when broken
- replaced all iron sticks with oredict
- bugfix: double composite chest guis had problems with texturepacks
- forst master needs less performance if waiting
- bugfix: externcooler could crash when chunks are not loaded
- bugfix: block breaker ejected client side only items
- bugifx: null pointer exception in chunk scanner
- bugfix: forstmaster tends to get stuck in not full blocks
- bugfix: NetworkManager iteration was very slow.
- bugfix: SelectorWrapper were created invalid. this is a huge speed up
- bugfix: Forestmaster is now able to detect when its stuck
- bugfix: Forstmaster naviagtor could overflow
- bugfix: IAirCapability did not change normal air.
- research loading from file should now work mwith minetweaker
- bugfix: machines get only power each 30 seconds
- bugfix: researcher is not using calculation modules, closes #457
- bugfix: block placer is not updating comparator properly
- contructiont able & assemlby recipe creator guis are now sending researches to the client
- bugfix: block placer could nor replace fire with blocks
- bugfix: T0 generator no longer wastes fuel when full
- bugfix: snow upon trees dont update (when felled with drone)
- bugfix: forstmaster stops cutting trees if not enough sapling are available
- bugfix: pump did not display no-research warning & fluid slot accepted all items
- bugfix: pump filter did not work
- bugfix: optibench crash on air recipe, closes #462
- bugfix: some entitys return null for getItemStackFromSlot, fixes #472
- bugfix: research overlay hovering was not working
- bugfix: crash when checkich crafting recipe on server start, closes #477
- bugfix: shears crashed when breaking tyros leaves.
- bugfix: glowmelow story did not trigger
- bugfix: technocratic unit charges neon items (it now discharges them as intended)
- bugfix: all entities seem to lag, caused by wrong configured entity tracker.
- bugfix: when forcefield is Dead server still has it
- bugfix: server no longer crash in eclipse
- bugfix: You collide with dead forcefields
- bugfix: forcefield did not spawn in mutliplayer

Crafttweaker recipe remove now produces log output on fail.
Terrails: delayed modifying of recipes for crafttweaker
Terrails: Added crafttweaker support to recycler

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