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Filename Futurepack-1.12.2-26.3.118.jar
Uploaded by Mcenderdragon
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 19.04 MB
Downloads 1,506
MD5 6a944aa7195e8a378758427cd6f9af7a
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


+added inter mod comms for adding blocks to dungeon whitelist
+added Deep Core Miner
+added Syncronizer
+added recipe for pump


*neon wires use now jsons
*improved performance of all machines
*new neon system, now all machines should get an equal amount of neon even if not enough is produced, fixes one machine gets all and the others nothing bug.


The Research system is also fixed


bugfix: support point tranfer could crash
bugfix: industrial furnace needs alot of time ven while idle closes #379
bugfix: fluid tank broke profiler
bugfix: cables are slow and full
bugfix: colored tanks where not craft able (depending on your forge version)
bugfix: redstone wire dosnet update if power is cut
bugfix: pipe tend to plump if filling machine from bottom
bugfix: monocart station crashes closes #383
bugfix: block wich should be redstone wires arent, resulting in crash closes #386
bugfix: stop getting tileentity should fix #391
bugfix: negativeArraySizeExcepton on startup closes #392
bugfix: items were not properly rendered
bugfix: fluid tubes loses fluids over time
bugfix: water cooler crash on placement
bugfix: player kicked from server when using EScanner closes #370
bugfix: changes hash method it should now be consistent even after id remapping maybe fixes #360
bugfix: wire now fully work with batboxes
bugfix: some researches consumed not all items (partly #360)
bugfix: all ingots are throwable and turn to Wakurum


propaply even more fixes, but they never were on the issue tracker

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