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Filename future-mc-0.1.6.jar
Uploaded by thedarkcolour
Uploaded Jul 2, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 987.01 KB
Downloads 1,563
MD5 e714aaaa8b78fe015abc61e3d860afe3
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Version 0.1.6 - Patch update:
Composter - Adjusted the default list of valid items.
Composter - CraftTweaker compatibility!
Composter - Fixed NullPointerException with composter sounds.
Bamboo - Adjusted behavior to be more like 1.14.
Bamboo - Now regrows if destroyed.
Bamboo - Now shows in creative tab.
Bamboo - No longer tries to grow through blocks.
Bamboo - Now generates in Jungles instead of my old biome.
Grindstone - Items now keep other NBT data, such as names.
Grindstone - Items can now be individually disenchanted.
Grindstone - Enchanted Books can now be disenchanted.
Smoker & Blast Furnace - Fixed buckets being consumed when using lava.
Smoker & Blast Furnace - Fixed fuel left icon.
Smoker & Blast Furnace - Fixed XP not given when smelting items.
Bamboo Forest - Removed. Bamboo will be found in Jungles, like in 1.14.
Bamboo Forest - Will be re-added in the future to be more like 1.14 Bamboo Forest.
Barrel - Fixed an issue with the order of slots.