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Filename future-mc-0.1.3.jar
Uploaded by thedarkcolour
Uploaded Apr 29, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 577.57 KB
Downloads 3,749
MD5 cd009179a28ca597fc18791acf8ee3fc
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Version 0.1.3 - Bamboo! New things:
*Bamboo* - Plant from 1.14 that spawns in Bamboo Jungles.
*Bamboo Jungle* - Biome from 1.14 where Bamboo can be found.
*Grindstone* - Block from 1.14 that disenchants and repairs items.
*Smooth Quartz* - Block from 1.14 that has a smooth texture on all sides.
Smoker & Blast Furnace - Fixed bug with progress arrow.
Trident - Can now be shot by dispensers.
Campfire - Now re-lightable by using a Fire Charge.
Campfire - Now uses current model from 1.14 instead of the old one.
Campfire - Now drops 2 Charcoal instead of itself like in 1.14.
Barrel - Disables in favor of the Charm mod.
Lily of the Valley - Tweaked worldgen to match vanilla flowers.
Cornflower - Tweaked worldgen to match vanilla flowers.
Sweet Berry Bush - Tweaked worldgen to match vanilla flowers.
Suspicious Stew - Fixed bug when eaten from creative menu.
Lantern - No longer causes fences to attach to it.
Campfire - Removed tile entity.
*Deutsch* - Added German language support.
*Pусский* - Added Russian language support, thanks to Mr_Krab on GitHub.