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Functional Storage is an alternative take on the storage solution of Storage Drawers, with an updated look and additional functionalities like:


  • Pulling Upgrade: It pulls items from an adjacent inventory
  • Pushing Upgrade: It pushes items to an adjacent inventory
  • Collecting Upgrade: It collects items on the ground
  • Armory Cabinet: It stores 4096 non stackeable items(by default) and can only be accessed with external tools (currently) like Applied Energistics or Refined Storage external storage tools
  • Storage Upgrades: Have changed a a bit, there a less types of them but they give a bigger boost
  • Storage Controller: You can link drawers to it without having direct contact (Range can be extended with upgrades)
  • Fluid Drawer: Stores Fluids
  • Controller Access Points: Acts as a Storage Controller when linked to it
  • Simple Compacting Drawer: Its like a compacting drawer but with only 2 slots



How to use


  • Drawer controller: To link a drawer to a drawer controller you need to use a Linking Tool
  • Ender Drawer: You can copy a drawer frequency by left clicking it with a Linking Tool and then you can right click another Ender Drawer and then they will have their contents synced
  • Linking Tool: Right + Clicking a controller to configure it then you can link Normal/Compacting/Ender Drawer to a controller by Right Clicking them if they are in range (8 radius by default)


Planned features

  • Armory Cabinet easy access