FTB Sluice

FTB Sluice is a relatively simple mod that offers a tiered approach to resource processing and creation, it's as simple as Block goes in -> Items come out. By default this mod does not come with any processing recipes but has KubeJS integration to allow pack creators to add them easily.


FTB Sluice Preview


  • Very fancy sluices, a Wooden one, Iron one, Diamond one and a Netherite one! Each sluice will improve processing time of the resource inputted
  • Clay bucket to help out in the early game
  • Gated progression by having automation only available as you go up the sluice tiers, by default, the wooden sluice and not be automated, the iron sluice can have hoppers but not fluids and the diamond one can have full automation.
  • Powered sluice, the Netherite sluice can be powered by FE
  • Sluice upgrades, the Netherite sluice can be upgraded to improve processing speed, reduce fluid cost and to apply fortune to the drops.
  • Weight based drop chance, when setting up outputs for the sluice, you can manually define how many items can drop each time a resource is processed, how likely they are to have dropped and what fluid is required to process the resource.
  • JEI integration. You can see the drop chance of items, what fluids are required and what mesh is needed for the sluice to process the recipe.
  • Manual Pump, a pump that requires you to wind it up so it can provide water to any sluices placed around it.
  • Hammers! All vanilla tool materials have a Hammer equivalent. By default hammers will drop the block you break unless a recipe is specified for the block. Great for smashing stuff into other stuff!

How to use

It's a really simple mod to use! You place down a sluice, then you place in a mesh to the back of the sluice, then you give it some fluid, typically some water! If you want to use the Manual pump, be sure to have a water source block under it!

Source https://github.com/FTBTeam/FTB-Sluice

License All rights Reserved