Friends&Foes (Quilt)

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Friends&Foes adds outvoted and forgotten mobs from the mob votes. One of the main goals is to also further expand upon original concepts and add new vanilla like features related to all the mobs.

You can check wiki for a detailed overview of implemented mobs and features. Looking for the Fabric or Forge version?

Unaffected and exposed copper golems    Glare flying in the lush caves
Bee pollinating moobloom's flowers    Beekeeper with a new village structure
Iceologer summoning ice chunk    Iceologer Cabin structure in the snowy taiga biome
Illusioner shooting villager with his bow    Illusioner Shack structure in the taiga biome
Wildfire ruling over the citadel    Citadel structure in the nether
One beehive for each wood variant    All four stages of the copper button
One of four variants of copper golem workstation structures    Maulers trying to eat the chicken



Following features are currently already fully working in the game, you can check wiki for more info or click on the links to the specific wiki pages for the full description.












I am currently working on the Tuff Golem. Following mobs are planned to be implemented:

  • Rascal
  • Barnacle



I will continue to develop my mods regardless of any support as it is my hobby, although most of my free time goes into development of my mods. So if you want to support me anyway, you can do that via Patreon or Ko-fi. I appreciate that.



The mod is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Feel free to look over my code for examples of how i have implemented and solved various problems while writing this mod, incorporate snippets into your own code. Also feel free to use this mod in any modpack (although credit/link back to this page will be greatly appreciated).

You can also look into the blockbench directory which contains all the models & palettes and into the textures directory for textures. Get inspired, but please don't just copy & paste any of it as your own.


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