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Requires the mod: Medieval craft (Weapons)


 This mod adds 45 new 3D medieval weapons

Mod for sword display





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 9 new structures



I recommend using version 1.16.5 as it has fewer bugs and I usually update first.

Cool texturepack for this mod https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/medieval-craft-improved

npc textures i find in Nova Skin and I edit in photoshop.

0 10/31/2020

25k 05/05/2021

50k 06/08/2021

75k 06/18/2021

100k 06/23/2021

150k 07/07/2021

200k 25/07/2021

250k 11/08/2021

300k 01/09/2021

400k 16/10/2021

500k 21/11/2021

1m 13/08/2022

 Common questions:
Can you add a config for the mod? I am not a programmer and I used mcreator to make this mod and it does not allow me to create one.
with the structure block and add it to the mcreator.

Can I use this mod on my modpack? yes.
Can I use this mod in a video on youtube? yes but you have to put the link to this page.
Can I use textures to create another mod or texture pack? ask me before


Discord server.    https://discord.gg/4ARcCZ375f