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Framed Compacting Drawers 

This is an addon mod to Storage Drawers that adds (more) framed drawers to the game. See the screenshots for how they look.

On 1.16+

Adds frameable versions of all drawers (as Storage Drawers had in older versions), including Compacting Drawers, Drawer Controllers and Controller slaves.

Framing Recipe

Since Storage Drawers does not currently implement the framing table, these drawers can be framed by hand using the following recipe.

Framing Recipe


On 1.12

Adds frameable versions of the Compacting Drawer, Drawer Controller and Controller Slave. Much like the other framed drawers, the front, sides and trim (or top/bottom, sides and trim for the Controller Slave) can be retextured to any block using the framing table.

Default Recipe


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