Fragile Glass and Thin Ice

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Filename Fragile Glass and Thin Ice 1.12.2-2.1.0.jar
Uploaded by FredTargaryen
Uploaded Sep 11, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 f87039f8fd6a7bbfd0faff5318ed21fd
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


* If you are adding a behaviour to a tile entity, start your config line with a capital T


* Behaviours are reloaded from the configs when the world loads and when the /reload command is used


* Invalid config lines are simply skipped, rather than aborting the loading of the whole file



* For each config file a .txt showing all invalid lines is written into the config folder, if there are any invalid lines


* Ops and single players get a status message in chat on login or config reload


* Fixed an incompatibility between the FALL behaviour and Repose - thank you floral-qua-floral for reporting!


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