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Polish translation

#3 By  Grreg21

Created Jul 6, 2019 Updated Sep 18, 2019

Assigned to  bre2el

Here you can get Polish translation JSON file for FPS Reducer mod for Minecraft 1.14.4:



And here you can get Polish translation text file for FPS Reducer mod for Minecraft 1.12.2:



Additionally, I noticed that the following strings are unused: "fpsreducer.config.menu.suppressedVolume", "fpsreducer.config.menu.waitingTimeMin" and "fpsreducer.config.menu.waitingTimeSec". Maybe consider removing them if you are not planning to use them in the near future.


EDIT: I updated the links above, because I set them to expire in 30 days and now the time is over.
EDIT2: I updated the Polish translation for FPS Reducer for Minecraft 1.14, so also the link.

EDIT3: I updated the translation for FPS Reducer for Minecraft 1.14 to make all strings fit in the new button width. Additionally, I also changed "Limit FPS w trybie eko" to "Maksymalne FPS w trybie eko" and "Limit FPS w ekwipunku/menu" to "Maksymalne FPS w ekwipunku/menu" in both file formats. The links above are now updated.

Jul 8, 2019

Many thanks! I'll add it in the next version.

So far, lines starting with # are left as comments indicating "prohibited key" so that the same key is not used as another meaning for old lang files. So it is not necessary.

Jul 10, 2019

If I understood you well, I suppose the "fpsreducer.config.menu.suppressedVolume" string can be safely removed from JSON language files, since it was never used there. Even the first version of FPS Reducer mod that was making use of the new JSON language files format (1.11-alpha-1) never used this string, as opposed to the other two strings mentioned by me above.

Jul 22, 2019

I tried to test in Polish, but a lot of text is longer than the button width and not all text is displayed.

I think you should shorten these texts.

Jul 26, 2019

Hmmm. To be honest, the limited button width was the biggest problem when I was translating and then testing my translation in game. If it is not a problem for you, what do you think about making all buttons (except the config type button) a little bit wider? For example to make the sentence "Suppress sounds when game is in background" fit without the need to shorten word "background" to "backgr.", of course if you agree with this my sentence change suggestion. Then I will check which sentences are still too long, and try to shorten them without losing much readability. As a side note I'd like to add that as far as I know in German language there are relatively many long words, so their potential translators may have a bigger problem than me :D

Aug 8, 2019

Hi, I'll slightly expand button width in the next update.
BTW I will also add new feature in the next update If the test goes well.
Here is the next candidate version of the English json. (New feature is only for MC1.14.)
If you provide the translations for new lines (red lines), I'll added it together at the next update.

"key.categories.FpsReducer": "FPS Reducer",
"fpsreducer.key.openGui": "Open Config GUI",

"fpsreducer.config.screen.title": "FPS Reducer Configuration",
"fpsreducer.config.advanced.screen.title": "FPS Reducer Advanced Options",

"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableFpsReducer": "FPS Reducer",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.detectMoving": "Detect movement",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.detectMoving.0": "OFF",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.detectMoving.1": "Riding/Flying",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.detectMoving.2": "Always",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.ignoreHoldButton": "Ignore mouse button holding",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.reducingInBackground": "Reduce FPS when inactive",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.suppressSound": "Suppress sound when inactive",
"#fpsreducer.config.menu.suppressedVolume": "Suppression volume ratio",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD": "HUD",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD.0": "OFF",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD.1": "Top left",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD.2": "Top right",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD.3": "Bottom right",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.enableHUD.4": "Bottom left",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.hudScale": "HUD Scale",
"#fpsreducer.config.menu.waitingTimeMin": "Waiting Time (min)",
"#fpsreducer.config.menu.waitingTimeSec": "Waiting Time (sec)",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.waitingTime": "Waiting Time (min:sec)",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.idleFps": "Idle FPS",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.advancedOptions": "Advanced Options",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.guiScreenFps": "FPS in Inventory/Menu",
"fpsreducer.config.menu.returnToGame": "Done",
"fpsreducer.config.playerConfig": "Player Config",
"fpsreducer.config.globalConfig": "Global Config",
"fpsreducer.config.ON": "ON",
"fpsreducer.config.OFF": "OFF"


Aug 8, 2019

Sure. I will willingly update the Polish translation for FPS Reducer for Minecraft 1.14 to include these new strings. Everything will be ready in several minutes, I think.

Sep 18, 2019

I would just like to note that I just updated the Polish translations, mainly to make all strings fit in the new button width :)

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