FPS Reducer

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Filename FpsReducer-mc1.14.4-1.17.jar
Uploaded by bre2el
Uploaded Jul 19, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 84.83 KB
Downloads 1,320
MD5 3b0c997b5a00b11f12bb37b6d98ba1e6
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Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


- Updated pl_pl.json. (Thanks to Grreg21)
- Fixed PAUSE key works unintentionally when the FPS Reducer is disabled.

- Initial release to mc1.16.1.
- Added shortcut key to enter to idle mode manually. (PAUSE key by default)
- Improved sliders to inherit vanilla slider class.
- Improved debug logs.

- Enabled the config button in modlist.
- Added Simplified Chinese translation. (Thanks to cutedobe)
- Added Traditional Chinese translation. (Thanks to cutedobe)
- Added Russian translation. (Thanks to agent_rby_)

- Initial release for mc1.15.2.
- Fixed the crash when using OpenJ9. (for mc1.12.2)
- Updated Polish translation. (Thanks to Grreg21)
- Updated English lang file. (Thanks to Grreg21)
- Fixed wrong comment in config file.

- Initial release for mc1.15.1.
- Changed default settings: "Reudce FPS when inactive": OFF -> ON
- Changed default settings: "Suppress sound when inactive": OFF -> ON
- Changed default settings: suppressedVolume: 10 -> 20
- Changed the function of "FPS Reducer" button. All suppression functions are now off.
- Changed "Waiting Timer" can be OFF by moving the slider to the right end.
- Added CPU usage information of client thread.
- Added new settings related to CPU usage information. (cpuUsageThread, cpuUsageType)
- Added new GUI for adjusting HUD layout.
- Improved the accuracy of FPS information.
- Updated Polish translation. (Thanks to Grreg21)
- Fixed issue where idle fps mode might not be applied when gui fps mode was enabled.
- Optimized conditions for reducing and recovering FPS.

- Added an option to limit FPS in menu/inventory screen.
- Added Polish translation. (Thanks to Grreg21)

- Fixed an incompatibility with Forge 1.14.4-28.0.45.

- Initial release for mc1.14.4.
- Fixed the issue to save the lowered fps and volume values to options.txt in certain situations.

- Supported mc1.14.3.
- Fixed the issue not to reduce FPS when the window is inactive after loading a world.
- FPS suppression in inactive has been effective in the main menu. (1.14.x, experimental)

- Initial port to mc1.14.2.
- SuppressSound feature has been effective even in the main menu.
- Improved synchronization handling of the config files.
- Refactored some codes.

- Fixed a server crash when installed on a server.

- Added player moving detection to avoid FPS reduction during riding and flying.
- Changed left-bottom FPS indication way not to overlap a chat box.
- Integrated the wating time sliders.
- Added a player config mode.
- Moved config files under config/fpsreducer folder.

- Initial release to 1.13.2.