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FPS Reducer



This mod reduces unnecessary GPU and CPU load by reducing the frame rate automatically when the client window is inactive or you are not operating the Minecraft for a certain period of time (optional from v2.0). As soon as the user performs any operation, it returns to the original frame rate.



  • Reduce FPS automatically under the following conditions.
          - No user operation for the specified time.
          - The game window is inactive or minimized.
  • Suppress sound volume if the game window is inactive or minimized.
  • Display the current FPS on the screen edge.

  •  Display CPU usage of client thread. (v1.14~)


Recommended in the following cases

  • When leaving the game running without the operation, for example with automated agriculture and/or industry.
  • When doing other work concurrently with running Minecraft in background.
  • When you want to extend the lifespan of your PC even a little.
  • When you want to save unnecessary power.
  • When the room is hot...


By default, if there is no operation for 5 minutes the frame rate will drop to 10.

Pressing [PAUSE] key reduces FPS manually. (new feature in v1.16)

Pressing [END] key opens the configuration GUI by default.



  • This is a client-side mod, so it is not necessary to install it on the server.
  • It will also be available for download from modrinth.



Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks.


Special Thanks

  • Thanks to RoCoKo for Turkish translations.
  • Thanks to Grreg21 for Polish translations.
  • Thanks to cutedobe and StarsShine17423 for Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Thanks to cutedobe and StarsShine17423 for Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Thanks to agent_rby_ for Russian translation.
  • Thanks to b14st0 for French translation.
  • Thanks to Kazuya79H for Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Thanks to AlexDerProGamer_mc for German translation.
  • Thanks to 귤러리 for Korean translation.
  • Thanks to AceDragoonOfficial for Ukrainian translation.
  • Thanks to Giedo for Dutch translation.
  • Thanks to iwafflebro for Spanish translation.