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As of v1.2, Obfuscate is no longer required.


Rocket jumping is neat. So I added an item that is more or less a rocket jump. Craft with some Iron Block, sticks, and 2 netherite ingots (Use JEI for more info).

Once you have yourself a cannon, Grab some gunpowder, TNT or a fire charge. Right clicking with gunpowder as ammo will simply launch you backwards. Use to climb up to tall places, or use the initial explosion to damage enemies. With TNT as ammo, not only will you get the benefits of using gunpowder, you'll also send TNT flying wherever you're facing. Using a fire charge will fire an explosive fire ball hurtling towards your enemy (or your friend's base ;) ).


Here are some optional addons:

-Juicy's Library for custom textures on the enchanted books

-Enchantment Descriptions for in-game descriptions of those enchantments


A fabric version is not planned


Current plans include:

-More ammo types


Use in anything you'd like. Credit is appreciated.