ForgeGuard | A world Protection Mod for Sponge

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This is a mod created for all that people who want to setup a minecraft server with the new server platform Sponge.

This mod is a only server mod and runs with simple commands, all the flags are the same as the worldguard plugin for bukkit/spigot.

This mod will start from version 1.10.2 and will not have any downgrade, sorry!

The official server of the mod is HitcUniverse MMORPG Servers and it's teamspeak3 server is





- use /region to call the selector item

- use /region name <region name> to give a name to the region

- use /region add <owner name> to add a onwner to the region

- use /region flag <flagname> true/false to add new flag

- use /region gamemode <creative/survival/adventure/not_set> to set gamemode of region

- use /region flag and click tab to see the flag list

- use /region save to save the region

- use /region edit <region name> to edit the region

- use /region list to see the region list

- use /region help for help


How to use:

1. With the selector item click at two points with the left and the right click

2. Give a name to the region with /region name

3. Add a owner to the region with /region add

4. Add flags or what ever you want

5. Save the region with /region save

6. To re-define the region type /region edit <region name> take the selector item and select two new points and type /region save


Permissions List:

- There are 2 permission for this mod one for use the mod commands and the other to bypass the region flags, both can be choosen in the config file (default: Staff).

Example: You can change it to: test.use.region


Tested Permission Plugins:

- PermissionEx for Sponge


To Do:

- add new flags

- add region priority system

- add deny spawn for non hostile mobs

- bug fixes

- and more


Mod developed by Jimi HitcUniverse Dev


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