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forge 1.19.2 / 1.20.1



epic fight mod


weapons of miracles mod






(ydm's mobhealthbar mod were used for the reference image)

This mod transforms Minecraft into a souls-like game!

The level of difficulty is going to be very hardcore,

and the battle is going to be very exciting.



lots of souls-like armors added.

and all of the armors are animated.



A variety of weapons are also added.


npc mobs are exist. they are neutral entities.

but you can tame them by giving "estus flask" item.

(This is the system you wanted! Congratulations!!)



monsters are very strong and dangerous.

Maybe if you try to go head-to-head with them, you're likely to lose.

Combat while dodging enemy attacks. That's the only way to win against monsters.



all weapons & armors have their own recipe.


shields are special.

you can get shields by killing monsters or

trade with wandering trader.


This mod has 17 bosses ready. 

(The animation has been changed to be more dynamic!)


[Iudex, gundyr]

[dark sun, gwyndolin]

[ornstein & smough]

[the abyss walker, artorias]

[looking glass knight]

[abyss watchers]

[dragon slayer armour]

[nameless king]

[slave knight gael]

[soul of cinder]

[godskin apostles]

[omen king morgott]

[starscourge radahn]


[godfrey, the first elden lord]

[maliketh, the black blade]

[radagon of the golden order]




Bosses all have greater and more overwhelming power than players.

Also, when a player dies, they regain their HP.


but If you get rid of the last boss, you can get elytra!


Will you ever knock these bosses down?

Fight them in your own way.




I recommend using my mod with jei mod!


[about bug]

If you find a bug, please leave a comment regarding the bug.

It will help me greatly to improve the mod!


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