Forbidden and Arcanus

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Filename forbidden_arcanus-1.14.4-1.4-beta-2.jar
Uploaded by StalDev
Uploaded Oct 10, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 1.15 MB
Downloads 54,876
MD5 432bd407c676cae9770ccb6e433b22b9
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-Added Soulless Sandstone Slab & Soulless Sandstone Stairs & Soulless Sandstone Wall

-Added Cut Soulless Sandstone & Cut Soulless Sandstone Slab

-Added Smooth Soulless Sandstone

-Added Soul Particle

-Added Tooltip to Soul Extractor

-Added Particle Effect for Seed Bullet

-Added a few new Config Options

-Candles now produce Smoke Particles

-You can now strip Cherrywood Logs and Mysterywood Logs (Fixes #14)  

-You can no longer extract Souls using the Soul Extractor while sneaking

-Dispensers now can dispense Seed Bullet and Chorus Pearl

-Soul dispensed on Soulless Sand will turn it into Soul Sand