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Foodables is a Vanilla Plus-style food mod that shakes up the Vanilla food and adds a range of new potential treats.

  • 53 new edible items
  • 5 new crafting tools
  • 5 new crops
  • 7 new trees

And More!

  • Use a mod like REI as the crafting recipes will be getting more difficult for the complex foods and I may not update the images here.
  • Apple Skin is a mod that provides a good way of understanding how much hunger and saturation is gained by each food.
  • If you need help check out the Mod Wiki > https://github.com/CanINotUseTruth/Foodables/wiki

Currently only built for 1.17+ Fabric. No interest in backporting the project to previous versions as of right now.

This mod requires the Fabric API to run.

This is also my first-ever mod so disregard the horrible code, I will be refactoring things as I learn better practices.

Follow me on Twitch to watch development > https://www.twitch.tv/truthst

Subscribe on Youtube for update videos and other content > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5sAtcZ0gJC26Sq5MuF8v0w

Follow me on Twitter for updates and sneak peeks > https://twitter.com/TruthStreams

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