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What is Food Enhancements?

Food Enhancements aims to make your eating and cooking experience in Minecraft better, while still being as vanilla-friendly as possible. Food Enhancements currently adds some foods and drinks that should fit into a vanilla+ type of mod(pack). The reason I made this mod is because I feel the current amount of food in vanilla Minecraft is just far too little, and can easily be expanded upon by making some simple foods. Food Enhancements doesn't add any new crops, but it does add a few mob drops. The rest of the food can be made by combining already existing vanilla items.



Cake Slice
Fruit Bowl
Roasted Honeyed Chicken
Squid Tentacle

List of Food:

Boiled Egg
Fried Egg
Grated Carrot
Carrot Salad
Grated Golden Carrot
Golden Carrot Salad
Green Apple
Fruit Bowl
Glistering Fruit Bowl
Sweet Berry Pie
Golden Berries
Golden Berry Pie
Spider Leg
Cooked Spider Leg
Cave Spider Leg
Cooked Cave Spider Leg
Spider Soup
Honey Toast
Honeyed Wheat
Milk and Honey Bread
Creamy Honey Toast
Cookie Crumbs
Cake Slice


Marshmallow on a Stick

Burnt Marshmallow

Burnt Marshmallow on a Stick

Smoldering Marshmallow


Caramel Apple

Caramel Melon

Caramel Pumpkin

Caramel Sweet Berries

Caramel Glow Berries

Caramel Chorus

Caramel Chocolate


Honey Roast Chicken
Seasoned Pork
Bat Wing
Cooked Bat Wing
Bat Soup
Illager Flesh
Squid Tentacle
Cooked Squid Tentacle
Fish Fillet
Cooked Fish Fillet
Fish Stock
Fish Soup
Pumpkin Slice
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Soup
Mashed Potatoes
Cooked Mushrooms
Fiery Stew



Glistering Melon Juice
Cactus Sap

List of Drinks:

Sweet Berry Wine
Apple Cider
Golden Apple Cider
Chorus Juice
Cactus Sap
Suspicious Substance
Melon Juice
Glistering Melon Juice
Pumpkin Juice
Milk Bottle
Chocolate Milk Bottle



Fish Bones
Bowl of Fish Bones

List of Items:

Bowl of Water
Fish Bones
Bowl of Fish Bones