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Food Effects aims to re-balance Minecraft's various food items by giving each of them unique Effects upon consumption.

It was designed with the aim of being highly configurable, and so you can change the Effect any food item gives you,
the duration of that effect, and the amplifier/level of the effect too, all through the config!

Foods given Effects:

  • Mushroom Stew (Regeneration II) 
  • Rabbit Stew (Jump Boost II) 
  • Beetroot Soup (Health Boost) 
  • Cookie (Speed) 
  • Pumpkin Pie (Haste) 
  • Baked Potato (Strength)
  • Pufferfish (Water Breathing) 
  • Honey Bottle (Instant Health) 
  • Dried Kelp (Clears Blindness, Nausea and Poison) 
  • Cake (Speed II) 

Oh yeah, and Cookies/Berries are now consumed faster!

We hope you enjoy it! :D